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If the surface area is not completely ready (repaired, sanded, filled, patched, cleaned, primed, and so on), the paint quality is compromised before it's even used. And, not simply any items, but the very best products. Premium paint is definitely worth the investment, and will pay you back gradually with exceptional design, color retention, and sturdiness.

Here's a short video that discusses why we think this is the very best product for our clients' kitchen cabinets (and has shown itself over and over!). If you follow all the steps we've outlined above, the surface ought to carry out as well as any factory finish. The only exceptions would be cabinets in environments that experience extreme use, exposure to extreme chemicals, abuse, etc.

If you have any concerns about your interior, exterior, or cabinet painting project objectives, we motivate you to call us at Nash Painting. It would be our satisfaction to serve you!. what type of paint finish to use on kitchen cabinets.

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Factor I ask is we wish to paint our cabinets white - best color to paint walls with cream colored cabinets. However every specialist, inlcuding painters, think we're nuts. They state it's tough to do and and will use over time. So for those who have actually painted cabinets, for how long has it been and how are they holding up?TIA.

LONG story short, yes. Nevertheless, we're not good friends because you enjoy my narratives When we bought our home 4 years back, I understood that the maple cabinets wouldn't be remaining for long. They remained in fantastic condition, but just weren't ma' jam. And yes, they were wood, which was lover-ly and all, however they weren't MY kind of wood.

And while you can't really see the MAGNIFICENCE of them in this photo, let me tell you that they were great from far, but FAR FROM EXCELLENT! This suggested that eliminating them (which was happening stat) would leave 4 holes in each drawer front, so regardless, I had some dirty work ahead of me either staining or painting - what paint to use on wood kitchen cabinets.

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And once they were slathered in 3 marvelous coats of primer and paint they still WOULD be wood they just would not be so darned fugly. We employed a professional painter to do the task for us (Delea of Particulars Painting) so that we could have everything correctly prepped and sprayed. best color to paint walls with cream colored cabinets.

Oak has grain, so it's more forgiving for brush marks, roller lines, errant hairs jazz like that (since a lot of house owners do not spray). Maple is so damn smooth, there is literally NO space for mistake as you will see everything, it's like white spandex. MAPLE CABINETS MUST BE SPRAYED BY A PROFESSIONAL.

So, let's go on a little image journey together (who's bringing the white wine?) - annie sloan chalk paint china cabinet. Once again, the cooking area beforeI have no words And here it seeks Delea worked her magic (I may have done a few things as well) See the original prior to and afters here See how charming it recalled then? Well, guess what Yes, there's the odd tiny chip (few though) and some very small wear, however in all, I'm SUPER pleased with how all of it looks 2 years later on.

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In between slamming the vacuum head into it and entering and out of the numerous drawers and cabinets (these are high usage cabinets) you 'd think they 'd have taken a pounding and they have. However, there is LITERALLY onelittlespot. Yes, they will. But this can be said of ANY painted wood or MDF. should i paint oak cabinets.

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