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Two and a half years back, I painted our oak kitchen area cabinets white and it entirely transformed our cooking area. I shared all of the information about the procedure I used to get. Painting our cooking area cabinets was lengthy, but it was so worth it. When I finished, the cabinets looked stunning and fresh again and the whole space looked lighter and brighter.

Now that a couple of years have passed, I have actually been getting tons of questions from readers about how our painted cabinets are holding up and chose it was absolutely time for a complete upgrade - what sheen should i paint my kitchen cabinets. If you are considering painting your cabinets however are questioning how the painted finish will last, hopefully this post will help address some of your concerns consisting of how our painted cabinets looks today and what I would do in a different way if I were beginning this whole procedure once again.

Along those lines, I desire to note that all of the images in this post are existing pictures of our kitchen, taken simply this week. So what you see here, excellent and bad, is precisely how our cabinets genuinely care for 2.5 years. This post contains affiliate links which indicates if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will make a little commission however it won't cost you a penny more.

when they were finished, but how do they look now? I understand that when anyone paints their cabinets, their greatest worry is that the lovely paint surface will quickly become a peeling, cracking mess. At first glance, our white cabinets still look beautiful and I would like to be able to state that our cabinets look simply as perfect as they did when I finished painting them 2. allen brothers cabinet painting reviews.5 years earlier, but unfortunately that is not the case.

There are several little locations where the paint has actually cracked and the wood underneath can be seen glancing through. In specific, this seems to have taken place around 4 of the cabinet knobs. It appears as however when grabbing the knobs, fingernails have lightly scratched away the paint on some of the most used cabinets.

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Again, it looks like though the paint has actually been scratched as the cabinets were opened. To be reasonable, it has been over two years given that I originally painted these cabinets, so a little amount of wear and tear isn't an overall surprise, particularly with our active family (which sherwin williams paint is best for kitchen cabinets). Nevertheless, the cabinets are substantially more dinged up than I would expect at this point.

Was it the paint itself? Was the spackle I used to smooth the wood grain an issue? Was my approach of cleaning up the painted cabinets too abrasive? Is my household just truly rough on our home?I do not think this was triggered by my household being too rough. We do have 3 small young boys and these cabinets have actually tolerated lots of spills and spots and difficult knocks from toys and meals (should i paint oak cabinets).

While my kids do occasionally bang the cabinets and hit them with toys, those little areas are rather safeguarded by the hardware standing out and are truly only touched when cabinets are being opened. For the same reason, I do not think my cleansing method is to blame. I wipe these cabinets down typically and I definitely do not clean them around the hardware and edges more than anywhere else.

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